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Give your plants the air nature intended with bipolar ionization technology installed in your HVAC system. Your plants will thrive and so will your business. 

Effective, Safe & Affordable Air Purification System for Grow Facilities

Control mold to increase cannabis yield and potency
Control odor to avoid government violations and fines
Control bacteria to improve microbial test results
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Plasma Air's bipolar ionization technology solves the cannabis grower’s dilemma. The ions emitted from the units treat the air directly in the grow room – controlling mold, odors, VOCs, and bacteria without harmful byproducts. Plasma Air’s affordable technology can be easily added to your existing HVAC systems.

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  • When you open the door to the Plasma Air room, it definitely has a fresher smell, compared to the stale, musty smell that the other rooms have. (We also noticed) a healthier plant — a prettier flower all around. But the most dramatic difference was in the “substantially cleaner” runoff. 

    -Frank Lane, Lead Grower
    Soulshine Cannabis, Washington
  • Plasma Air is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining high potency and above average yield per grow light. And in the long run, ionization is more cost effective.

    -Willy Gardiner
    The Garden Grow Company, Colorado
  • I spent months doing research and talked to four other growers. I know this is real technology. I vetted it as hard as you can. People walk into the room and say ‘Wow — the smell just isn’t there.’ You can just walk in and know the technology is working.

    -Patrick Campbell, Operations Manager
    Leiffa, Lakewood, CO
  • The difference in indoor odor levels between one facility that had been treated with Plasma Air and one that used alternative technology was as plain as day. The lack of odors, mold, fungus and other contaminants all contribute to a better quality, quantity and yield of the crop.

    -Jason Butcher, Contractor
    Planet HVAC, Oregon
  • If cannabis growers need to vanquish offending odors and VOCs while providing an ideal growing environment, this single, affordable technology is the way to go.

    -Gordon White, Web Editor

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