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Controlling odors from cannabis facilities is no small challenge — and one growers must meet or face financial risk. Numerous growers have paid stiff fines for violating city and state odor-control guidelines. One company nearly lost its license after repeated citizen complaints. “Toxic fumes,” “a really stinky skunk smell,” “constant and very pungent” — neighbors don’t mince words when complaining to authorities.

So facilities have a tricky balancing act, reaping the maximum cannabis yield while reducing odors enough to comply with regulations and maintain a good presence in the community.

The standard odor-control method is to install a carbon filter in the duct system, before air moves through the exhaust fan. The carbon traps terpenes, the offending odor, as air passes through the filter before leaving the building.

The problem is, because of the high humidity in grow environments, the high cost of maintenance and the added pressure drop to the fan system, this technology often does not suffice.


Plasma Air's bipolar ionization technology solves the cannabis grower’s dilemma. The ions emitted from the units break down terpenes. What makes ionization technology so effective is that it treats the air in the room. In other words, the air needn’t be forced through a constricted space to be treated, like some chemical and filtration systems require. In addition, Plasma Air’s ionization technology can be added to existing HVAC systems.

Cannabis growers have found that Plasma Air is a game changer. One Oregon grower installed the units at one of its facilities while leaving old technology in place at another facility. The difference, was “plain as day” and prompted the grower to install Plasma Air units in all its locations.

Jason Butcher, contractor with Planet HVAC, stated “The difference in indoor odor levels between one facility that had been treated with Plasma Air and one that used alternative technology was as plain as day. The lack of odors, mold, fungus and other contaminants all contribute to a better quality, quantity and yield of the crop.”

The grower was able to install the Plasma Air 200s in the Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) units, creating both a cost-effective and efficient solution.


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