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Air Purification Technology Brings Cleaner Air to Grow Facilities

This article published in highlights how one cannabis grow facility can produce high-yield and high-grade cannabis cultivation using Plasma Air technology.

Willy Gardiner found Plasma Air when he was looking for a technology that could eliminate the smell of cannabis and improve grow quality. Gardiner’s father recommended Plasma Air. He’s used Plasma Air units in more than 20 grow rooms, managed over 350,000 square feet of canopy, and advised on the development of a 600,000-square-foot facility. Odor control is important, as this is often a regulatory requirement for cannabis growers, since the potent smell can leak out of the facility if not properly dealt with.

Gardiner explains that not all growers realize the importance of air quality in a grow facility. They likely know the importance of lights and nutrients, he said, but do not understand the value of pure, high-quality air. “We have to grow cannabis in a specific way to maximize it,” he said. “And air and water are what make up a majority of that plant.” He credited much of The Garden’s business success to the practical belief that marijuana is, in the end, a plant like any other, and growing it well involves taking into account air quality, temperature, humidity, lighting, and more.

“Plasma Air is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining high potency and above-average yield per grow light,” he added.

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