Senior Living & Healthcare Facilities

Clean Air for Better Health Care

Reduce infections, outbreaks and hospitalizations. Mitigate odor and improve quality of life for residents and staff. 

Full-Facility Air Purification for Vulnerable Populations

Plasma Air offers a comprehensive indoor air quality solution for senior living and other healthcare facilities where residents, patients and staff are exposed to airborne pathogens and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, pollen, and mold spores. Maintaining optimal indoor air quality in healthcare settings can reduce infection rates and allergies while boosting wellbeing and staff productivity. Plasma Air is installed in dozens of senior living and healthcare facilities around the country.

Reduce Hospitalizations & Lower Expenses
Reduce Infection to Prevent Outbreaks
Mitigate Odor to Improve Quality of Life
Reduce Particulate to Prevent Respiratory Ailments
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The Plasma Air System can be easily incorporated into small or large healthcare facilities, reducing energy consumption and providing a healthy indoor environment for residents, patients, and staff. Plasma Air products can be built to suit any building configuration, use less energy than a light bulb, and require little to no maintenance.

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Cleaner Air Means Cleaner Hands & Surfaces

    Plasma Air works directly with engineers to install air purification technology into the HVAC systems of new and existing healthcare facilities. Plasma Air products are also sold as part of the WellAir ecosystem along with Novaerus medical-grade portable units, sensors, and monitoring software.

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