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With Clean Air, Everyone's a Winner.

Keep your customers staying and playing with fresh indoor air – free of smoke, VOCs, dust, mold, bacteria, and odors. 

Affordable, Effective & Safe Full-Facility Air Purification Solution for Casinos

Treat your customers to mountain air quality in your casino or hotel with our custom-designed air purification system. Easy to install in an air handling unit or supply duct, Plasma Air’s technology naturally eliminates smoke, odors, mold, bacteria and viruses. Solve the problem at its source using bipolar ionization instead of covering it up with harsh chemicals, harmful to guests and staff. With cleaner air, your customers will play longer and leave you great reviews and your staff will love coming to work. 

95% Smoke Particulate Reduction
Neutralizes odors
80% total VOC reduction*
Up to 99.99% Virus and bacteria reduction*
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Treat your customers to mountain air quality in your casino or hotel with Plasma Air bipolar ionization technology. Easy to install in an air handling unit or supply duct, our devices are safe, invisible, silent and require virtually no maintenance. 

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  • At Mohawk Casino, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business, so when the odors and health hazards of second-hand smoke became a growing concern for many of our patrons, we knew we had to take action. After installing the Plasma Air system, our fourth-quarter survey results indicated a significant reduction in odor complaints.

    -Shannon Keel, CEO/General Manager
    Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort, Hogansburg, NY
  • Our Plasma Air system is fantastic. It quickly eliminates any VOCs during maintenance work, and allows us to prevent mold issues in the indoor pool area.

    -Fergus O'Halloran, Managing Director
    Village of Barna, Ireland
  • Since installing the Plasma Air system we have received zero odor complaints from customers.

    -Peter Robb, Director of Operations
    Lucky Dog Casino, Skokomish, Washington
  • Upon installation of the Plasma Air system, the air quality throughout our facility improved virtually instantly. Both customers and staff were quick to notice the difference, and as a result of the newly purified environment, we rarely receive complaints about cigarette smoke. We could not ask for a better product or better customer service.

    -Brandon Dumond, Facility Manager
    Tortoise Rock Casino, Twentynine Palms, CA
  • Prior to using the Plasma Air technology, odor from smoking was the #1 or #2 complaint on our customer surveys. Following the installation of the system, smoking odors consistently dropped out of the top ten customer complaints.

    -General Manager
    Lady Luck Casino, Nemacolin, PA
  • In adding 70 percent more casino space as part of our renovation project, Plasma Air understood the need to maintain healthy indoor air quality and maximum comfort for the benefit of our customers and employees throughout the expanded facility. Since installing Plasma Air’s bipolar ionization system, we’ve been able to eliminate the lingering effects of indoor smoking, reducing complaints from customers regarding tobacco smoke while receiving enthusiastic and positive feedback.

    -Don Kajans, General Manager & CEO
    Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, WA
  • I wanted to share with you our extreme satisfaction concerning the performance of your Air Purification Technology that was installed in our Penny Arcade Gaming Area here at the Santa Ana Star Casino. After experiencing poor indoor air quality due to smoke and other issues that comes along with the gaming industry, our guests and employees are now breathing fresh air. Employees and customers alike have expressed the positive change in our facility. Before installation of your technology, the odors and clouds of smoke were very noticeable. Since installing your system, the odors are gone, and the air is fresh and clean. The installation of your product went smooth, and it is evident that you view customer service as a high priority.

    -Conrad Granito, General Manager
    Santa Ana Star Casino, Bernalillo, NM

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