PlasmaPURE Residential Solutions

Mountain air quality for homeowners.

Invisible, silent, low maintenance and free of harmful byproducts, PlasmaPURE bipolar ionization technology outperforms PCO, UV and HEPA filters.

Affordable, Safe & Effective Whole Home Air Purification System

PlasmaPURE is a whole-home indoor air quality solution for single and multi-family residential buildings. PlasmaPURE significantly reduces airborne pollutants commonly found in homes such as bacteria and viruses, mold spores, odors, chemicals from paint, varnish and cleaning agents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and even cancer-causing formaldehyde emitted from furniture, laminate flooring and wood cabinets. 

Up to 99.9% Bacteria & Virus Reduction
Clears the Air of Pet Dander & Dust
98.6% Total VOC Reduction
Neutralizes Odors
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PlasmaPURE replicates mountain air quality by producing an equal number of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions to neutralize airborne pollutants. PlasmaPURE can be easily installed into the furnace or air handling unit, and is available in standard 24V AC as well as 120V AC, 230V AC or 12V DC.

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  • My wife is a heavy smoker and within a few days the smoke odors were essentially gone. We are even sleeping better at night. We attribute that to the reduced amount of airborne particles which aggravate our sinuses and create allergy problems.

    -Stephen Y.
    Kearny, NJ
  • My husband suffered for years with frequent headaches and sinus infections. Installing the PlasmaPURE unit has made an incredible difference in the quality of his life. He has not had a sinus infection since then and both of us have been healthier with fewer illnesses of any kind.

    -Barbara M.
    Syracuse, UT
  • We would highly recommend this system to everybody. My allergies are almost non-existent and our beautiful new home always smells fresh, even after cooking fish or garlic.

    -Jack R
    Blue Springs, MO

How PlasmaPURE Works to Purify the Air

    PlasmaPURE naturally eliminates smoke, odors, mold, bacteria and viruses from the home.

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Plasma Air offers a broad range of HVAC and portable air purification solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial customers.

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PlasmaPURE bipolar ionization is safer, more effective, and more affordable than other air purification technologies available to the residential market. Contact us to learn how to offer the PlasmaPURE line of HVAC solutions and medical-grade portables to your residential and light commercial HVAC contractors. 

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