Indian Creek School Environmental Testing


Comar Associates, Inc.


Indian Creek Upper School; Crownsville, MD

Full Report


The air handling units at Indian Creek School are equipped with Plasma Air bipolar ionization generators to improve the indoor air quality and to allow the reduction of outside air in accordance with the ASHRAE 62.1 IAQ procedure. Ammonia, which is emitted by humans, was used as a tracer gas to verify the effectiveness of the ionization system.

The calculated level of ammonia at a ventilation rate of 15 cfm per person is .622 ppm. In order to meet the requirements of the ASHRAE standard, the level of ammonia at a reduced ventilation rate with ionization must be equal to or below 0.662 ppm.

Executive Summary

Environmental testing was conducted as requested for airborne ammonia in three (3) designated classrooms at Indian Creek Upper School, Crownsville, Maryland. The testing for airborne ammonia was conducted using Buck Libra low volume pumps and silica gel sampling tubes with sulfuric acid preservative. The sampling tubes were then delivered to Analytics Corporation, Ashland, VA, for classification using NIOSH 6016 analytical method. The results indicated that airborne ammonia (NH3) was less than 0.194 ppm. The sampling results are shown in Table 1 of Appendix A.


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